Using a Realtor to sell your home has many benefits that you might not even realize.

Through a Realtor, your home is immediately exposed to the market through many avenues of advertising, ranging from newspaper ads to Internet listings, as well as powerful networking with other agents, many of whom have a number of prospective buyers already waiting for the right house to come onto the market. Is that house yours? Getting exposure to the Mulitiple Listing Service (MLS) is by far the best way to expose your home to portential buyers.

But consider as well the other important tasks your Realtor will provide when marketing and selling your home. There are the bargaining tools and expertise the Realtor provides, the financial know-how, accurately assessing the market value of your home, arranging showings of the property, holding open houses, contract writing, and generally keeping your best interests in mind for this very important step in your life.

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